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Moorfield Terms & Conditions of Booking

All dogs and cats must be fully vaccinated and have a current vaccination certificate and all boosters must be up to date. Vaccination certificates must be produced before your dog/cat stays with us for its holidays.

Dogs must be fit and in good health and must be vaccinated against Distemper, Hepetitis, Leptosporosis and Parvovirus. We also request that your dog has been vaccinated for Kennel Cough.

Cats must be fit and healthy and must be vaccinated against Panleuopenia (Feline Infectious Enteritis) and Feline Viral Respiratory Disease (cat flu)

It is understood that whilst every effort is taken for the care and wellbeing of your dog/cat they are left at the owners own risk.

Rates are daily and Fees are due for the whole booking period should the dog/cat be collected before the departure date.

All accounts must be settled in full prior to your dog/cat being removed.

Where the owner has requested for two dogs/cats to share the accommodation, the owner accepts responsibility for any incidents that occur.

I authorise you to call a Veterinary Surgeon on my behalf should it be thought necessary. All Veterinary treatment will be provided by our appointed Veterinary Surgeons unless prior arrangements have been made.

Payment can be made by cash, debit or credit card (a 2.5% surcharge is made on all credit card payments)

Dogs/cats not collected from Moorfield Boarding Kennels 14 days from the booked collection date will become the property of the proprietors although every effort will be made to contact the owners.